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Contract NO:
Signed at:





The Buyers:

The Sellers:

The Buyers agree to buy and the Sellers agree to sell the following goods on terms and conditions as set forth below:

(1)Name of Commodity ,Specifications and Packing


(3)Unit Price

(4)Total Value

(装运数量允许有 %的增减)
(Shipment Quantity %more or less allowed)

(5)Time of Shipment:

(6)Port of loading:

(7)Port of Destination:

(8)保险;由 方负责,按本合同总值110%投保_____险。
(8)Insurance:To be covered by the___for 110% of the invoice value against_______.

_____payable at sight with TT reimbursement clause/___days'/sight/date allowing partial shipment and transshipment. The covering Letter of Credit must reach the Sellers before _____and is to remain valid in _____.China until the 15th day after the aforesaid time of shipment, failing which the Sellers reserve the right to cancel this Sales Contract without further notice and to claim from the Buyers for losses resulting therefrom.

(10)Inspection:The Inspection Certificate of Quality / Quantity / Weight / Packing / Sanitation issued by_______of China shall be regarded as evidence of the Sellers' delivery.

(11)Shipping Marks:


1. 异议:品质异议须于货到目的口岸之日起30天内提出,数量异议须于货到目的口岸之日起15天内提出,但均须提供经卖方同意的公证行的检验证明。如责任属于卖方者,卖方于收到异议20天内答复买方并提出处理意见。
1. Discrepancy:In case of quality discrepancy, claim should be lodged by the Buyers within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, while for quantity discrepancy, claim should be lodged by the Buyers within 15 days after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination. In all cases, claims must be accompanied by Survey Reports of Recognized Public Surveyors agreed to by the Sellers. Should the responsibility of the subject under claim be found to rest on the part of the Sellers, the Sellers shall, within 20 days after receipt of the claim, send their reply to the Buyers together with suggestion for settlement.

2. 信用证内应明确规定卖方有权可多装或少装所注明的百分数,并按实际装运数量议付。(信用证之金额按本售货合约金额增加相应的百分数。)
2. The covering Letter of Credit shall stipulate the Sellers's option of shipping the indicated percentage more or less than the quantity hereby contracted and be negotiated for the amount covering the value of quantity actually shipped. (The Buyers are requested to establish the L/C in amount with the indicated percentage over the total value of the order as per this Sales Contract.)

3. 信用证内容须严格符合本售货合约的规定,否则修改信用证的费用由买方负担,卖方并不负因修改信用证而延误装运的责任,并保留因此而发生的一切损失的索赔权。
3. The contents of the covering Letter of Credit shall be in strict conformity with the stipulations of the Sales Contract. In case of any variation there of necessitating amendment of the L/C, the Buyers shall bear the expenses for effecting the amendment. The Sellers shall not be held responsible for possible delay of shipment resulting from awaiting the amendment of the L/C and reserve the right to claim from the Buyers for the losses resulting therefrom.

4. 除经约定保险归买方投保者外,由卖方向中国的保险公司投保。如买方需增加保险额及/或需加保其他险,可于装船前提出,经卖方同意后代为投保,其费用由买方负担。
4. Except in cases where the insurance is covered by the Buyers as arranged, insurance is to be covered by the Sellers with a Chinese insurance company. If insurance for additional amount and /or for other insurance terms is required by the Buyers, prior notice to this effect must reach the Sellers before shipment and is subject to the Sellers' agreement, and the extra insurance premium shall be for the Buyers' account.

5. 因人力不可抗拒事故使卖方不能在本售货合约规定期限内交货或不能交货,卖方不负责任,但是卖方必须立即以电报通知买方。如果买方提出要求,卖方应以挂号函向买方提供由中国国际贸易促进委员会或有关机构出具的证明,证明事故的存在。买方不能领到进口许可证,不能被认为系属人力不可抗拒范围。
5. The Sellers shall not be held responsible if they fail, owing to Force Majeure cause or causes, to make delivery within the time stipulated in this Sales Contract or cannot deliver the goods. However, the Sellers shall inform immediately the Buyers by cable. The Sellers shall deliver to the Buyers by registered letter, if it is requested by the Buyers, a certificate issued by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade or by any competent authorities, attesting the existence of the said cause or causes. The Buyers' failure to obtain the relative Import Licence is not to be treated as Force Majeure.

6. 仲裁:凡因执行本合约或有关本合约所发生的一切争执,双方应以友好方式协商解决;如果协商不能解决,应提交中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会,根据该会的仲裁规则进行仲裁。仲裁裁决是终局的,对双方都有约束力。
6. Arbitration:All disputes arising in connection with this Sales Contract or the execution thereof shall be settled by way of amicable negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached, the case at issue shall then be submitted for arbitration to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in accordance with the provisions of the said Commission. The award by the said Commission shall be deemed as final and binding upon both parties.

7. 附加条款(本合同其他条款如与本附加条款有抵触时,以本附加条款为准。):
7. Supplementary Condition(s)(Should the articles stipulated in this Contract be in conflict with the following supplementary condition(s),the supplementary condition(s)should be taken as valid and binding.)

卖方Sellers):      买方Buyers):

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